Content Warnings

Some people love them, some people hate them. Some people think they spoil the book, some people like to have an idea of the bad shit that goes down before they start reading so they can mentally prepare. Since I aim to please, this is my compromise. If you want to know what potentially dubious content is in one of my books before you start reading, you can find out here. If you want to jump in blind, more power to you. If there's a specific trigger you're concerned about, please 100% feel free to reach out and ask!

Fool Me Thrice

• The heroine is 17 for about the first half of the book and turns 18, and the hero is 28

• Dub-con, that very much brushes right up against the lines of non-con

• Abduction

• Grooming

• Toxic parent/child relationship

The Poison and the Cure

Sex with extremely dubious consent

• The hero does (sort of) cheat with the heroine, but not on her. It's complicated. But if you don't like books with OW drama of any kind, maybe skip this one

• Attempted suicide, off screen, not either of the main characters

• Blackmail throughout the book

Scar City

There isn't a single person in this book who is a good person. They're all villains, including the heroes, so if you're waiting for the bad guys to get their comeuppance, you're going to be disappointed.

• Non-con AND dub-con. Yes, both.

• Character death (not either of the main characters, despite some people's best efforts)

• The heroine never cheats but has sex with two different men while she's in a relationship with someone else. But I promise, it's not cheating.

Matching Infinities

• There is a lot of non-con in this book. Like, a lot of it. Between the hero and heroine.

• Abduction, both past and present

• Breath play

• Bondage